Something a bit different

The other day I was asked by a friend of mine if I would shoot some products of hers for her online portfolio / store. It’s not something that I would ordinarily shoot, however is sounded a bit different from the norm.

Leia runs a business called Don’t Do Dainty. She makes awesome bespoke jewellery and also metal floral displays and wedding bouquets which are something to behold and it was these beautiful pieces which she needed photographing.

It was an interesting shoot which took quite some time as metal f course is or can be quite reflective which causes issues for us photographers with the way that we light objects. On top of this little challenge, Leia also wanted to shoot some of her beautiful creations inside glass containers - another nightmare, not just for reflections but also refraction - where light is bent and warped bu the glass itself. All good fun really - it made for interesting challenges not just for the actual shoot, but also for the retouching afterwards.

Below are a selection of my favourite shots from the shoot. Let me know what you think!

Leia is currently refreshing her website and updating it with the images which I shot for her, so if you’re interested, head over there and check it out!

Professional Photo Magazine Interview Feature issue 137

The phone rang the other day and when I answered, it was Lisa (Deputy Editor) from Professional Photo Magazine.

The call came as a surprise to me and was totally out of the blue, however, Lisa had head about my talk at The AOP's Starting Out Conference a few weeks previous and was interested in interviewing me for a feature about starting out in the photography industry for her magazine.

The topic of getting started in the industry is one which is close to my heart and one which I think is unnecessarily shrouded in mist. It's hard enough trying to start a new career in the creative industries anyway, especially when there's a distinct lack of information available for people wishing to move into photography. This is coupled with out of date information being supplied by universities offering photography degree courses, and an industry which likes to maintain an air of mystery. It's time some of the hot air and mystery is lifted and replaced with more useful information, tips and inside industry knowledge: this is what I aimed to do in speaking at the AOP Conference and to Lisa.

Below you can read and download the interview and have a laugh at some of the ridiculous things I came out with. Enjoy!

Divided Soul Live in Farringdon

I love shooting live shows and it's something which I haven't done now for a while but last weekend I was asked to shoot my friend's band, Divided Soul at their gig on Saturday night in Farringdon.

Live shows are great fun to shoot, specially if you can get in amongst the band and get some great shots and interesting angles. I always try to capture the atmosphere of the gig together with the personality of the band which can be tricky to do at times. One of the most challenging elements to shooting live bands is lighting, as often you can find yourself in very low light situations which call for high ISO, and wide apertures.

Thanks to Jez and the Divided Soul boys for a great night. If you want to check out their stuff follow them on social media here


My latest shoot: Baxters 'Deli Toppers'

My latest shoot: Baxters 'Deli Toppers'

The other week, I was commissioned to shoot some stuff for food company Baxters (known for their soups and pickles etc) who were shooting a new TV commercial for the new Deli Toppers range.

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Recent work: E-commerce sports & fitness

I've been working recently with some upcoming sports and fitness clothing brands to make images for them for their website content and online stores.

I love getting new clients and fostering new relationships and it's even better when these come together to create great imagery. Sports and fitness is a growing area with more and more people wanting to exercise and get fit and there's lots of great new brands emerging who are in the marketplace with some equally products.

Working with smaller businesses is a great pleasure, as you really feel that you're part of something exciting and new. I'm looking forward to working with a few more brands towards the end of the summer, so watch this space for more news.

I've put together a few shots to give you the flavour of the type of thing that I've been working on - the shoots can be pretty varied when you're creating web content and online store content as it often involves both studio and location shoots. Even better when it's nice weather to get out and about with my team, my camera and some good models and products.



Recent work: a venture into the bespoke world of Savile Row tailoring

Last month I had a couple of commissions which gave me an interesting look into the traditional world of bespoke tailoring in London's Savile Row.

The shoots were commissioned to produce images for use on the companies' websites and for PR purposes. In particular they wanted images which show details of tailoring work in progress including close-up shots of the tools being used. They also wanted images of some of their products for e-commerce purposes and atmospheric staff portraits for 'About us' pages. Below are a selection of a few of the images..

Brighton Half Marathon

On Sunday 28th February, I was lucky to have the opportunity to shoot at Brighton Half Marathon for Vitality and The Sussex Beacon.

It was a very cold early start, but the weather was great with no wind, rain and even a bit of sunshine to make things better. I wanted to capture some of the spirit of the runners and the emotions of them running around the 12.5 mile course. Here's a selection of some of the shots from the day.

My latest shoot! #news #models #headshots

My latest shoot! #news #models #headshots

The other day, I got some time in 308 Studio in Limehouse and had the pleasure of shooting six actors and models.

It was my first studio shoot on the year, so it was great to get back behind the camera again as it had been a while.

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LFW 15 - Ethologie by Jasper Garvida SS16

Yesterday was my first encounter with London Fashion Week, as I was invited by handbag designer Brix & Bailey ( to photograph their new handbags on the catwalk.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity and toddled on down to Essie Persian Carpets on Piccadilly where they were being showcased and then taken down the runway to compliment Jasper Garvida's new SS16 range at his Ethologie show. Here's a few of the shots for you to ogle...

A short Trip to St Ives

My first time going to Cornwall was earlier this month on 5th February.  My father lived in Devon for some time and told me on occasion how beautiful it was - it sounded like a place I should visit and until now, I'd never had the opportunity.

It really was a whistle stop visit and I only had a few hours to spend in St Ives and a couple of hours in Penzance, so there wasn't much chance to take photos but here's a few for your eyes.

A trip to the north of England

Back at the end of September, I made some time to take a trip to go and see my friends and family who live in Yorkshire and the Lake District. 

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great and I didn't have a huge amount of time for photography, however I did take a few shots which I'd like to share with you of some of the more breathtaking views I came across.

I took the majority of the images on an old medium format film camera using black and white film which I developed myself.  I love the results it produces and the quality of the images are outstanding as you can see.

Hopefully, I will be able to go back one day and take some more to share with you.

Giving HIV a human face - great post by @raTrust

So, my relationship with The RA Trust charity is going well and they have posted their first piece about The Face of HIV project on their blog website which you can check out by clicking here.

They've also created a fantastic video to promote the project which I thought you might like to see for yourselves.

Undertaking a project such as this is hard work and it's expensive to produce, so i've set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding page to promote the project and hopefully get some funding to make it all happen. So far people have pledged £455 towards my £2000 goal and there's still 14 days to go, so hopefully the goal will be reached in the next two weeks.  You can check it out and see how i'm doing by clicking here or on the widget below.

If you want to take part in the project, please drop me a line via the Say hello! page on the site and I'll get back to you asap.

#thefaceofhiv Project Update! @kickstarter funding launched & @raTrust charity supporting

It's been a very busy and hot week here for The Face of HIV project and it's moved forward quite substantially with a new partnership with an HIV & STI education and awareness charity, the raTrust.

Last Sunday I met with the director of the raTrust who are very keen to support the project and will do so in promoting it through their networks.  They are also keen to see the project exhibited in London and will support with this too. This is very exciting news for the project and I am hopeful that the partnership with be beneficial for both parties.

This week also saw the launch of a crowd funding project to raise £2000 for The Face of HIV.  

The funds are needed to cover the costs of the project which include participant costs, photo processing, printing and framing and for web hosting and development.  

The project has been set up using Kickstarter and you can see details about it and how the funding is going by clicking on the widget to the right >>

As well as all of the exciting news above, the project has gained a further 6 participants which means that soon I will be able to arrange another photo shoot to add to the existing 10 portraits. This is great news and a very positive growth for the project and i'm sure that soon it will reach the 30 participant target.

If you can help in any way, then please donate, or drop me a line using the form on the Say Hello! page.

Shooting London Gay Pride & Ryan Jagger this weekend! (@ryanjagger, @LondonLGBTPride)

So, it's London Gay Pride this weekend and i'm very excited to have been asked to cover the parade by London based creative agency Mr President

I'm covering the pride parade where more than two hundred groups, totalling more than 20,000 people from diverse parts of the LGBT+ community, are involved in this year’s Pride in London Parade on Saturday! - It should be an amazing day as long as the weather holds out....

Also, it looks like i'm going to be lucky enough to get access to the main stage in Trafalgar Square; the centrepiece of the Pride In London celebrations where i'm hopefully going to be shooting the lovely Ryan Jagger, an international pop singer, critically acclaimed recording artist & live performer and has toured with artists including The Wanted, Basshunter, N-Dubz, Peter Andre and Sophie Ellis-Bextor. 

Photos from the event will be posted here on my site, so please be sure to check them out. If you're going on the day and see me, please say hi!

10 Stupid Things People Believe About Photographers

Working in the photography industry is a fantastic gig – there’s no denying it. Something about being around creative people and being able to be creative yourself is just unmatchable. But sometimes, it’s obviously difficult for others to realize that a photographer is a professional too and deserves professional respect. Here are a few common situations when that can be a little irritating for a photographer. The 10 Stupid Things People Believe About Photographers.


Friends Will Work for Free –

-The ridiculousness of asking your accountant friend to do your tax for you for free is readily apparent to most people. So is getting your dentist friend to do a bit of free root canal work. For some reason, that doesn’t extend to photographers. This one seems to be unique to photographers too.

Better Equipment Means Better Photographs –

-When a painter comes up with a fantastic painting, do you say, “Wow, you must have a great brush and paints!” This is a pet irritation of a lot of photographers. If you really think that it takes an expensive rig to take a great photograph, then you need to check out what can be done with the humble iPhone.

My Brother Can Shoot the Wedding –

-Well, your brother probably can take photographs at the wedding. Just like he can do your tax. Or fix your car. Of course if you want your car to keep going, or avoid getting slammed by the IRS, then you might like to get a professional to look at your tax return and car. Just like you might like to check out some professionals if you want good wedding photographs.

They Have No Right to Shoot X –

-The truth is that if a photographer is in a public space in most western countries then they can shoot just about anything. That includes you, security guards, police, children, your house – anything. If they are on private property, then it’s different, but in public there is usually no legal expectation of privacy. (Check the laws in your own country for specifics). That’s not to say they shouldn’t be polite, but rights are a whole different issue to manners.

If It’s a Striking Photograph, It Must be Photoshopped –

-A talented photographer knows that getting an image right “in camera” is the best way to end up with a great result. Many are actually very good at it and get stunning images before they get anywhere near a computer. That is what makes them good at their craft. That is why they study. That is why they practice. And mind you, Photoshop is not the only editing software!

XYZ Takes Better Photos Than You - 

Every good photographer has his own style and work process. What you think is good may be worst for others. Its a very subjective thing which depends on visual taste of an individual. Well XYZ may be better, but in comparison with your visual taste for others.

They’ll Be Grateful for the Work and Work Cheap –

This one again goes back to professional respect. You don’t ask your dentist for a discount. You don’t ask your child’s teacher to throw in Maths and Science, but don’t charge you for geography. You don’t ask your waiter to throw in dessert for free. So don’t do this to a photographer. If you cannot pay for the service, then don’t ask for it.

I Know a Guy Who Can Do It Much Cheaper –

Yes, yes, everybody knows a friend of a friend who can do the photography job for a third of the cost. The kicker is that a photography business is an expensive one to run and you get what you pay for. If you’re happy enough to risk your cheap shooter, then go for it. Just don’t use it as a cheap bargaining ploy when you’re talking to a professional.

I Can Shoot Better Than You If I Shoot Regularly -

Well then who stops you? Grab a camera, go shoot and make photographs. If you can really do better then you really should be doing it.


Oh ! Its Just About Pressing a Button - 

No, its about visualizing an image before its made, its about framing and composition, its about getting the exposure right, its about choosing the right shutter speed, its about being at the right ISO, its about having the correct aperture value, its about setting the right focus mode, its about, its choosing the right lens and camera and everything else that you couldn’t imagine.

Alien on holiday

Bank holiday Monday 26th May, 7am, Bournemouth beach. Something very strange was happening....

A visitor from another planet was holidaying in Bournemouth and making quite a scene...

Final Major Project by Special Effects Makeup Artist - Hollie Dee Bailey.