My latest shoot! #news #models #headshots

The other day, I got some time in 308 Studio in Limehouse and had the pleasure of shooting six actors and models.

It was my first studio shoot on the year, so it was great to get back behind the camera again as it had been a while.  Also, it was great to work with an entirely new creative team with the added luxury of having two assistants... I clearly have ideas above my station!!! 

I wanted to play around in the studio with some more commercial feeling models and shots and get some good images for me and head shots for them. Here's a selection for your pleasure!

The studio was great for the price which was very reasonable and came with some lighting and a few different coloramas to chose from. The only drawbacks are it's location being hard to find on an industrial estate, although it's only 5 mins from the tube, and the studio being on the 3rd floor with only steps to access... so lots of kit, props or disabled subjects are really out of the question if you want to shoot there. But, if you need a good sized studio for portraits or beauty and don't mind the location, it's really great - check it out

Also, I had the pleasure of shooting Nikolay Rsk, a budding fashion model based in London. I don't normally shoot fashion in this lookbook style, but it was great to shoot and made a real change. And here's a look at those shots:

Thanks to 308 Studio and my team: Assistant: Lauren Fletcher (@LFletcherPhoto),  Assistant: Jess Street (@JesStreetPhotography), MUA: Laura Meloni, Styling: Salomé Babonneau, Styling: Alexandra Starr. Models: Annabel John @RMG Models, Carl Wright @BMA Models, Jason Saunders @BMA Models, Julia Betts @BMA Models, Vivienne Xu @ BMA Models, Nikolay Rsk.