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Professional Photo Magazine Interview Feature issue 137

The phone rang the other day and when I answered, it was Lisa (Deputy Editor) from Professional Photo Magazine.

The call came as a surprise to me and was totally out of the blue, however, Lisa had head about my talk at The AOP's Starting Out Conference a few weeks previous and was interested in interviewing me for a feature about starting out in the photography industry for her magazine.

The topic of getting started in the industry is one which is close to my heart and one which I think is unnecessarily shrouded in mist. It's hard enough trying to start a new career in the creative industries anyway, especially when there's a distinct lack of information available for people wishing to move into photography. This is coupled with out of date information being supplied by universities offering photography degree courses, and an industry which likes to maintain an air of mystery. It's time some of the hot air and mystery is lifted and replaced with more useful information, tips and inside industry knowledge: this is what I aimed to do in speaking at the AOP Conference and to Lisa.

Below you can read and download the interview and have a laugh at some of the ridiculous things I came out with. Enjoy!

My latest shoot! #news #models #headshots

My latest shoot! #news #models #headshots

The other day, I got some time in 308 Studio in Limehouse and had the pleasure of shooting six actors and models.

It was my first studio shoot on the year, so it was great to get back behind the camera again as it had been a while.

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A short Trip to St Ives

My first time going to Cornwall was earlier this month on 5th February.  My father lived in Devon for some time and told me on occasion how beautiful it was - it sounded like a place I should visit and until now, I'd never had the opportunity.

It really was a whistle stop visit and I only had a few hours to spend in St Ives and a couple of hours in Penzance, so there wasn't much chance to take photos but here's a few for your eyes.

Behind the scenes at my latest fashion shoot - The Couple Who Fell to Earth

I couldn't have picked a worst day as far as the weather was concerned to shoot my latest fashion project - The Couple Who Fell to Earth.  It was a location shoot, shot on the Isle of Portland at Portland Bill.  The location is a remote part of the coast in one of the most southerly points of the mainland in the English Channel which is noted for it's rough coast.  I chose the location for it's interesting other-worldly rock formations and remote feel.

The weather on the shoot day as 27mph gusts of wind, low cloud and heavy rain and my team and I had to deal with the worst conditions to shoot in.

We went well prepared, taking lighting kits for most situations and most importantly of all - lots of umbrellas, although all but one of these was destroyed by the very strong wind.

Here's a few behind the scenes shots to give you an idea of how the day went...

The weather gradually improved throughout the day, culminating in blue skies and sunshine, however the strong wind remained which blew constant sea spray over the crew and equipment.

Somehow we managed to pull it off and I remain ever grateful to my committed team who without their help, this wouldn't have been possible.

Have a look at the final images to see the results on my Fashion page.