Recent work: E-commerce sports & fitness

I've been working recently with some upcoming sports and fitness clothing brands to make images for them for their website content and online stores.

I love getting new clients and fostering new relationships and it's even better when these come together to create great imagery. Sports and fitness is a growing area with more and more people wanting to exercise and get fit and there's lots of great new brands emerging who are in the marketplace with some equally products.

Working with smaller businesses is a great pleasure, as you really feel that you're part of something exciting and new. I'm looking forward to working with a few more brands towards the end of the summer, so watch this space for more news.

I've put together a few shots to give you the flavour of the type of thing that I've been working on - the shoots can be pretty varied when you're creating web content and online store content as it often involves both studio and location shoots. Even better when it's nice weather to get out and about with my team, my camera and some good models and products.



7am shoot on a Sunday... ouch!

Up at 6am today to shoot a few fashion shots for a friend of mine. Being up at that time on a Sunday should be banned!

The shoot went well despite the early morning, intermittent sun and breeze - all made easier by having two assistants (thanks Jynx and Nathan) and a decent array of options for lighting from sunbounce reflectors and diffusion panels, to portable strobes.

Here's a look at what we did!

Tomorrow's shoot starts even earlier... double ouch!

Behind the scenes at my latest fashion shoot - The Couple Who Fell to Earth

I couldn't have picked a worst day as far as the weather was concerned to shoot my latest fashion project - The Couple Who Fell to Earth.  It was a location shoot, shot on the Isle of Portland at Portland Bill.  The location is a remote part of the coast in one of the most southerly points of the mainland in the English Channel which is noted for it's rough coast.  I chose the location for it's interesting other-worldly rock formations and remote feel.

The weather on the shoot day as 27mph gusts of wind, low cloud and heavy rain and my team and I had to deal with the worst conditions to shoot in.

We went well prepared, taking lighting kits for most situations and most importantly of all - lots of umbrellas, although all but one of these was destroyed by the very strong wind.

Here's a few behind the scenes shots to give you an idea of how the day went...

The weather gradually improved throughout the day, culminating in blue skies and sunshine, however the strong wind remained which blew constant sea spray over the crew and equipment.

Somehow we managed to pull it off and I remain ever grateful to my committed team who without their help, this wouldn't have been possible.

Have a look at the final images to see the results on my Fashion page.