Divided Soul Live in Farringdon

I love shooting live shows and it's something which I haven't done now for a while but last weekend I was asked to shoot my friend's band, Divided Soul at their gig on Saturday night in Farringdon.

Live shows are great fun to shoot, specially if you can get in amongst the band and get some great shots and interesting angles. I always try to capture the atmosphere of the gig together with the personality of the band which can be tricky to do at times. One of the most challenging elements to shooting live bands is lighting, as often you can find yourself in very low light situations which call for high ISO, and wide apertures.

Thanks to Jez and the Divided Soul boys for a great night. If you want to check out their stuff follow them on social media here


Recent work: E-commerce sports & fitness

I've been working recently with some upcoming sports and fitness clothing brands to make images for them for their website content and online stores.

I love getting new clients and fostering new relationships and it's even better when these come together to create great imagery. Sports and fitness is a growing area with more and more people wanting to exercise and get fit and there's lots of great new brands emerging who are in the marketplace with some equally products.

Working with smaller businesses is a great pleasure, as you really feel that you're part of something exciting and new. I'm looking forward to working with a few more brands towards the end of the summer, so watch this space for more news.

I've put together a few shots to give you the flavour of the type of thing that I've been working on - the shoots can be pretty varied when you're creating web content and online store content as it often involves both studio and location shoots. Even better when it's nice weather to get out and about with my team, my camera and some good models and products.



My latest shoot! #news #models #headshots

My latest shoot! #news #models #headshots

The other day, I got some time in 308 Studio in Limehouse and had the pleasure of shooting six actors and models.

It was my first studio shoot on the year, so it was great to get back behind the camera again as it had been a while.

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New Project - Faces of HIV


Faces of HIV will take the form of a portrait series of people who are effected by HIV and will culminate in an exhibition to show that HIV can effect anyone - it's not just gay men and people from Africa as the stigma and stereotypes would suggest.  

Will is working with local Dorset HIV charity, Body Positive Dorset to produce a body of photographic portraits which aims to raise awareness about HIV and will culminate with an exhibition to coincide with World AIDS Day in December 1014.  It will show people that It's a condition which can threaten everyone; young, old, straight, gay, black or white.  It will give confidence to people who have the condition and show that it's OK to be HIV+ and it's OK to talk about it.  The more people who understand what HIV is and who and how it effects people, the less stigma and discrimination sufferers will face.  

HIV doesn't discriminate, why should we?

Faces of HIV - models wanted poster.jpg

About HIV

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a global pandemic which causes AIDS.  It attacks the human immune system and renders it vulnerable to and totally ineffective against infection leading to death from opportunistic infections and cancers. 

The HIV virus lives in the bloodstream of infected people and is spread through sexual contact. People with the virus may suffer no symptoms for some time making it incredibly dangerous as infected people can spread the virus unknowingly.  It is estimated that there are around 20'000 people in the UK who are HIV+ but are yet to be diagnosed.

The HIV pandemic started in the early 1980's and spread rapidly across the globe unhindered without any effective drugs.  To date, it is estimated by the World Heath Organisation that over 36'000'000 have died due to HIV related illness.

Since the 1980's drugs have been developed which can slow the progress of HIV which means that today, if diagnosed and treated early, sufferers may now lead healthy lives, with similar life expectancies to everyone else.

HIV sufferers face stigma and discrimination which is driven by ignorance due to a lack of education, awareness and visibility and this project hopes to help educate and eradicate stigma.


Get involved

If you would like to be a part of the project and have been effected by HIV we want to hear from you! The more people who are involved, the more powerful the message will be.

For an informal confidential chat and to find out more, please call Jon at Body Positive Dorset on 01202 297386, or send us a message via the form on the contact page by clicking here.