My latest shoot: Baxters 'Deli Toppers'

The other week, I was commissioned to shoot some stuff for food company Baxters (known for their soups and pickles etc) who were shooting a new TV commercial for the new Deli Toppers range.

I love working on set around TV crews as there's always so much going on.  Plus I find the whole moving image production and shoot process really interesting, so I jumped at the chance to work on set the other week.  The shoot took place over the course of a day at a location house in West London, with the creator of the recipes for the products (a recent winner of TV's Masterchef).  I was there to shoot behind the scenes shots for use in social media PR for the products and also to shoot some set-up shots of the products for use on the client's website. Here's a selection of the shots I took which will be used to promote the products.

Shooting with TV crews can make for a very long a stressful day, as the main objective of the day is to shoot the TV commercial, meaning that stills photography usually takes second priority.  This means that as a stills photographer, you can find yourself needing to be very quick so as to get the shots you need, during the short gaps between when the filming is taking place. So, if you get 5 minutes to shoot, you're pretty lucky!

Here's a selection of the behind the scenes (BTS) shots which I took throughout the day as filming was taking place.

The TV commercial goes out in October and you can see one of them here...