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Professional Photo Magazine Interview Feature issue 137

The phone rang the other day and when I answered, it was Lisa (Deputy Editor) from Professional Photo Magazine.

The call came as a surprise to me and was totally out of the blue, however, Lisa had head about my talk at The AOP's Starting Out Conference a few weeks previous and was interested in interviewing me for a feature about starting out in the photography industry for her magazine.

The topic of getting started in the industry is one which is close to my heart and one which I think is unnecessarily shrouded in mist. It's hard enough trying to start a new career in the creative industries anyway, especially when there's a distinct lack of information available for people wishing to move into photography. This is coupled with out of date information being supplied by universities offering photography degree courses, and an industry which likes to maintain an air of mystery. It's time some of the hot air and mystery is lifted and replaced with more useful information, tips and inside industry knowledge: this is what I aimed to do in speaking at the AOP Conference and to Lisa.

Below you can read and download the interview and have a laugh at some of the ridiculous things I came out with. Enjoy!

Divided Soul Live in Farringdon

I love shooting live shows and it's something which I haven't done now for a while but last weekend I was asked to shoot my friend's band, Divided Soul at their gig on Saturday night in Farringdon.

Live shows are great fun to shoot, specially if you can get in amongst the band and get some great shots and interesting angles. I always try to capture the atmosphere of the gig together with the personality of the band which can be tricky to do at times. One of the most challenging elements to shooting live bands is lighting, as often you can find yourself in very low light situations which call for high ISO, and wide apertures.

Thanks to Jez and the Divided Soul boys for a great night. If you want to check out their stuff follow them on social media here


My latest shoot: Baxters 'Deli Toppers'

My latest shoot: Baxters 'Deli Toppers'

The other week, I was commissioned to shoot some stuff for food company Baxters (known for their soups and pickles etc) who were shooting a new TV commercial for the new Deli Toppers range.

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Recent work: E-commerce sports & fitness

I've been working recently with some upcoming sports and fitness clothing brands to make images for them for their website content and online stores.

I love getting new clients and fostering new relationships and it's even better when these come together to create great imagery. Sports and fitness is a growing area with more and more people wanting to exercise and get fit and there's lots of great new brands emerging who are in the marketplace with some equally products.

Working with smaller businesses is a great pleasure, as you really feel that you're part of something exciting and new. I'm looking forward to working with a few more brands towards the end of the summer, so watch this space for more news.

I've put together a few shots to give you the flavour of the type of thing that I've been working on - the shoots can be pretty varied when you're creating web content and online store content as it often involves both studio and location shoots. Even better when it's nice weather to get out and about with my team, my camera and some good models and products.



Recent work: a venture into the bespoke world of Savile Row tailoring

Last month I had a couple of commissions which gave me an interesting look into the traditional world of bespoke tailoring in London's Savile Row.

The shoots were commissioned to produce images for use on the companies' websites and for PR purposes. In particular they wanted images which show details of tailoring work in progress including close-up shots of the tools being used. They also wanted images of some of their products for e-commerce purposes and atmospheric staff portraits for 'About us' pages. Below are a selection of a few of the images..